Surround yourself with a magnificent natural environment. Each outing is full of adrenaline and emotions. One of the best experiences any human being can do. The act of photographing becomes a way of understanding and meditating on what you are contemplating. An atmosphere full of good energy, friendly, happy and humble people. The glorious thing to be able to be a spectator of one of the most perfect ecosystems. Loaded with a varied fauna that coexists in a balanced way.

Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara names reflecting the heritage of Tanzania.

Outings to photograph every day, in addition to entering its reserves and parks, we will find opportunities to document the daily life of Tanzanians.
Daily reviews of the photographic work of each participant. Personalized attention during and after the trip.





9 nights 10 days
Maximum number of participants:
Photography equipment: Camera, lens, laptop, Lightroom Edition Program installed and a hard drive for back up. Film enthusiasts are welcome!
Photography professor Roberto Mata and Photographer Julio Estrada.