Cultural Dispatch Paris Photo 2023

For photographers and photo enthusiasts who want to photograph Paris
lifestyle, its urban landscape, and its people, while visiting Paris Photo on its
26th anniversary. Also, for wonderful people who want to share the
experience of traveling for the sake and enjoyment of photography and having
the freedom to photograph whatever they want with the guide and support of
Lucia and Ricardo who will be closely involved with the group.

No specific photography skills are required, we will be there to help you
find new opportunities in learning, no matter how much or little you know.
Digital and film shooters are equally welcome and we encourage our
travelers to at least try to shoot one film roll during the trip.

On one side, you’ll get to learn and enjoy the work of many
photographers, both classics and contemporary through the preparation
sessions that will be held every morning at our headquarters and later
actually seeing it or even listening to some of their authors at the fair.

Lucia and Ricardo will have everything ready so you can arrive with your
eyes ready and prepared for an experience that can be overwhelming among
so many possibilities present, as Paris Photo is very generous and enriching
with its offer. We want the greatest enjoyment, we will work for you to be as
relaxed as possible so you can make the most out of the experience and
quickly put it to use in your photographic work.


Start Date:
November 8, 2023
End Date:
November 14, 2023
6 nights, 7 days
Paris, France
$ 3,300 / Early bird $ 3,050
Maximum number of participants:
Photography equipment: Camera, lens, laptop, Lightroom Edition Program installed and a hard drive for back up.
Photographer Lucia Marcano, Photographer Ricardo Peña.