Why travel with us?

Because we will try to make sure that our trips coincide with local, folkloric, sports-related, religious, historical and noteworthy events.

Because we will show you how to look at the Bosforo, The Ngorongoro crater, Angkor Wat or Lake Titicaca and its surroundings.

Because we will visit bazaars, schools, ports, farmers’ markets, cemeteries… Anything having to do with local daily life, steering away from classic touristic places already visited and photographed thousands of times, though we will nonetheless enjoy them.

Because we will spend time at a cafe in a local plaza or boardwalk, on any given day, observing daily life as it happens.

Because we will help you open up to new possibilities that can happen when making contact with locals and showing genuine interest in who they are and what they do: visiting their homes, enjoying a cup of coffee, or simply through a pleasant conversation. We will show you how images of people are never “stolen.” They are earned.

Because you will go home with the essence of the location visited through images, through its people, their traditions, its atmosphere, and its architecture.

Because we will help you develop a project, not single images. You will learn to do storytelling.

Because we will show you how to take advantage of the best lighting during the day. We will teach you how to use the flash only as needed, and how to mix artificial and natural light, in order to produce a creative atmosphere.

Because we will teach you how a local’s initial pose in front of the camera is just the beginning. We will teach you how to create each photo as you interact with your subject, with the ultimate goal of helping you get involved.



The Staff

Kike Arnal